Monday, March 21, 2011

A Digital World

Over 11 years ago, my husband and I made the decision that I would quit my job and become a SAHM.  I was working as a Corporate Account Representative for a large rental car company and was excited to become a mommy and raise my children. 

Not long after I started my adventure into parenthood, I found that I loved crafting.  One Fall I was searching for a great wreath for my front door.  I couldn't find anything I loved and decided that I would put my creativity to the test and headed to my local craft store.  I soon discovered a love for making wreaths and quickly made one for several friends and family members.  I enjoyed it so much and  didn't want to stop, but I only had so many doors and walls and concluded that I needed to start my own business. 

Ideas In Bloom was born and I jumped in with both feet and registered my business in Fairfax County, VA.  We had just bought our first computer and I started my own website through Yahoo using our dial up connection. 

After a couple of years I was having a great time making wreaths and my daughter was now almost three.  My husband and I knew that we wanted to have another child and were blessed to get pregnant again.  I made the decision to put my business on hold and spend the next few months enjoying my daughter and spending special time with her before her brother arrived.  I always told myself that I would pick up the business again after he was born, but sometimes life gets in the way! 

Three moves, three states, and seven years later here I am!  I've never stopped making wreaths and am happy to find myself in a place in my life that I am ready to start my business again.  What a shock it was to find out how much things have changed! 

Now, I haven't been living under a rock.  I have my own laptop, a Blackberry, and spend a lot of time on the Internet.  However, when it comes to the business aspect of selling and marketing on the net, lets just say I'm not using a dial up connection anymore.  Now I'm learning to use sites like to sell my product and finally gave into the idea of Blogging.  A big "THANKS" to my friend, Val, for helping to guide me through this new (to me) digital world! 

I really never thought I would be a blogger.  It just didn't appeal to me and I was sure I didn't have anything to say that anyone would want to read!  Now I realize what an important tool it is for the business owner. 

I hope to share my own projects and inspirations and also feature some other crafters that I feel have some great ideas and inspire me. 

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I welcome feedback and "creative" criticism